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Lifestyle journalist and blogger Stephanie Duval was born in Antwerp, but currently calls Geneva her home. As a journalist she's had stories published in magazines such as ELLE, L'Officiel and Kwintessens, and as editor-in-chief she coordinates fashion trade publication Pure and lingerie magazine Aphrodite. On her blog she explores the stories on style, design and travel that manage to excite her. She recently launched her own jewellery line with Diamanti Per Tutti.

Needless to say, Stephanie is a fashion allrounder and a true inspiration for everyone who has an eye for the pure things in life.
So grande applause, for MFB's SECOND GUESTBLOGGER!

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What or who inspired you to start blogging
I really just wanted a place where I could do what I want – share photos from trips, my favorite places around the world, things and brands that I really like or that inspire me. I was never inspired by other bloggers, as I really want to do my own thing. But I do admire a number of blogs out there because of their clear vision, beautiful graphics, consistency in content and witty tone of voice.

What are your goals (as a blogger)
Gradually my blog evolved into a kind of moodboard that not only reflects pieces of my life, but also represents my skills as a writer, photographer, curator, stylist or whatever label you want to put on it. The blog allows me to develop relationships with brands and companies through collaborations, which sometimes evolve into real professional connections. It also presents a clear idea of who I am and what I do to other potential clients. In an ideal world, my blog provides inspiration to my readers – about where to travel, how to style their homes or themselves, where to look for cool brands – and at the same time it attracts likeminded brands and companies that would like to work with me.

Besides blogging what do you do
I started out as a journalist, and I am still editor-in-chief of two Belgian fashion trade magazines (Pure and Aphrodite). I also write in English and Dutch for various Belgian and international publications – mostly about design, fashion and travel. Besides that, I also work behind the scenes with companies and brands to help them tell their stories to the consumer. I do this by developing content for them or by consulting them on possible approaches. I also give workshops and seminars on blogging and branding, and I’m working on a book – which I hope to finish in the first half of 2014.

Describe your personal style
I would probably qualify as a tomboy, but I do favor an elegant and feminine silhouet within that casual, sporty style. I’m not a fan of anything shapeless or ‘statement’, and will always opt for subtle, subdued and simple. In terms of color I rarely stray from the basics: grey, navy blue, black, white, cream and various tones of sand colors. I try to steer clear from trends, and instead try to project my own personality in my outfits.

Favorite item in your closet
Currently I’m really loving my growing blazer collection – they always look so put together, evern when worn with jeans and sneakers. But my all-time favorites are my Céline handbags and Chanel boots. I really love investing in handbags and shoes – they can make or break your outfit.

Favorite item on your wishlist
I’m so spoiled – there’s really nothing I still need. But there’s always more room in my closet for J.Brand sweaters, James Perse T-shirts, Madewell pants, Nike sneakers and cute blazers. I consider this my current uniform and I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of this combination.

Your top fashion tip to our readers
It’s the worst cliché of them all, but for a reason: be yourself.
Don’t try to be or look like anyone else – and dress yourself for yourself.

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