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Messagerie SS15

Last Monday in Milan, Messagerie showed their Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection.
Inspired by Fellini’s Casanova, a modern symbol of glamour and sophistication, Patrizio Piscaglia created a dream of beauty.

The collection revisits the past and the avant-garde in transgressive terms, able to mix styles and trends, typical of Messagerie. A rather sober color palette, with colors like black and white, mud, green, blue, beige and natural, pushes the prints in the spotlight, representing the philosophy of the brand.

One of my favourites during Milan Fashion Week, a new it-brand is born! Soon available at Vaudeville Aarschot!

Posted by THOMAS

​Hand picked on 5th Avenue by New York Magazine to flaunt his preppy fashion style, Thomas Vanden Bogaerde was unaware of the ticket he just arranged himself for the circus called fashion."It was New York Fashion Week and after the street style interview they spoiled me with an invite to see Tracey Reese's fashion show that same afternoon. Really? Me? Then after the show, some guy invited me to a party in the Bryant Park hotel the next day and there I met Benjamin-Émile Le Hay, fashion journalist and New York City socialite. We shared the same heart beat for fashion and we soon became front row partners on Fashion Weeks all over the world. At that point I started my blog, The Fashionistic Lover.Now 6 years later this 'simple guy from Oudenaarde' (his words :-) blogs his days away and works as a fashion stylist for premium multibrand store Carrément.If he's not at New York, London, Paris of Milan fashion week that is.Read the Q/A we did with Thomas here