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Give From The Heart

This world needs LOVE.
I shared a heartfelt message with my long time lover Frederic Rozier.
Do the same, get into the Christmas spirit with Rituals and WIN.

The spirit of the Christmas season is all about paying tribute to your heroes.
The time to return to our truest values focusing on the people we love and care for most. Family and friends, who are generous with their affection, warmth & kindness and always go that extra mile for you.
The perfect time to send them a gift from the heart. And Rituals likes to help you with that.
The beauty brand launched the 'Give From The Heart' platform on which you can nominate your personal hero, share a heartfelt message and maybe he or she will win a beautiful box filled with limited edition products by Rituals.

Read the tribute to my hero below.

Only by giving do we receive more than we already have.
Because when we give from the heart, the joy of giving becomes its own reward.

Dear Frederic,
We’ve been on a lot of adventures together since we met 10 years ago, but this Maldives trip is my absolute favorite so far.
Celebrating our love on a magical island 6 months after our biggest achievement as a couple, our sweet baby Jackie Rio.

as with any journey, who you travel with
is more important than your destination

We have endless amounts of unforgettable memories together and although our love wasn’t always picture perfect, I’m grateful to have found my soul mate. You know how to make me smile & what pushes my buttons and I don’t think a day goes by where I’m reminded somehow that you’re my best friend.

Thank you for sharing this life with me.
Here’s to another decade of love & adventures together.

XX Emma

Posted by Emma