Behind-the-scenes of the EMMA tv-show
A Bright Pink Woolen Knit and Floaty Maxi Skirt




I have always been a big fan of combining vintage with highstreet and/or high end pieces. First of all due to the fact that designer clothing is expensive, definitely for people my age. And secondly because highstreet clothing usually lacks quality and originality. I have been browsing through vintage stores for years now and I still get really excited when I find a one of a kind jacket or pair of 70s sunnies. Besides the fact that second hand clothing is a cheaper and a more creative way to stay innovative with clothing it is also a way to help the environment and reduce waste.

Today I picked out a few of my favourite, recent buys. 

Oversized parka found at T2 in Ghent

Lace top found at Episode in Brussels

Striped pants found at Boomerang in Ghent

Reading glasses found at Zipper in Amsterdam

Choker found at Epsiode Amsterdam


Posted by Marie

Marie Maite (18) is Emma's youngest sister and is a model and art student based in Ghent, Belgium. Besides her school, she started up her own business alongside boyfriend/graphic designer Nils Van de Cauter in 2014. specialises in visual branding and productions.  Marie loves vintage, destroyed jeans and all things that embody uniqueness and individuality. All that with a strong eye for aesthetics and a camera by her side.