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Bye Bye Baby Weight #mijnmissie

I joined the TLC ‘My Mission’ campaign to lose the last 4 kilo’s of baby love..

I admit, I truly miss my size 8 clothing.
All hanging neatly and waiting patiently in my dressing, untouched since I became pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful daughter now 10 months ago.
Not that size matters, don't get me wrong, but I just want to wear my Balmain leather pants again or that beautiful vintage Chanel blazer that now feels like a strait jacket. What a shame it would be to sell all those unique pieces, or worse, let them hanging in my closet as a memory to pré Jackie years.

So when tv-channel TLC launched it's Women's Month campaign,
it was for me the perfect reason to join with 'my mission' to drop the baby weight for once and for all.

Through a healthy eating pattern, heavy workouts and motivational words, I try to lose the last 4 kilo's of baby love.
We're now week 3 and my confidence got a boost this weekend when I tried on a cute little dress and although I couldn't button it, my weight loss allowed me to wiggle it past my thighs. Oh the joy.
Determined to reach my goal weight and to become physical as strong as before, I've listed for you 5 rules I've set myself at the beginning of this mission. Let it inspire you for a healthy life style. I added some pictures from throughout my pregnancy while I got bigger and bigger.

1. Get in the zone with music

Blast your speakers with up tempo songs when you work out.
Create play lists to extend your workout time.
Feel the energy.
Go hard. Sweat.

almost 4monts pregnant here. Belly is getting visible.

2. Don't eat less, eat better

Stay away from bread, alcohol and sugar. Go wild on vegetables, nuts and other healthy food.
Never skip breakfast.

6 months pregnant and the weight gain has kicked in.Plus 10 kilo.

3. Easy Daily Workouts

Incorporate at least 2 times a week a 60 minute cardio/sculpting workout. Find ways to add exercise to your daily routine.

7 months pregnant in Paris.
Felt huuuuge next to all the PFW models :-))))

4. List your progress

I downloaded the Kayla Itsines app where you can take 'progress pictures' which is very encouraging.

8 months pregnant, 15 kilo's of extra baby love.

5. Congratulate yourself

When you've reached your weight goal, celebrate.
Book yourself a welness treatment, go the hairdressers, get pampered.
You deserved it.

9 months pregnant and 20 kilo's on top of my normal weight.
I gave birth the day after I took this bathroom selfie.
When Jackie Rio was born, I still had an astonishing 13 kilo's to go. This morning when I weighed myself only one-tenth is left. Yes!

What is your goal this month?

Share it on your social media by adding #mijnmissie and/or let us know on and win a pampering weekend in Valencia!

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