Smile and let me see your grill AGENDA
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Smile and let me see your grill

Introduction of a new statement accessory into my closet

Grills are something that have always sparked my interest as my inner bad girl loves some controversy

Made of gold (preferably), grills were originally worn by hip hop artists in the early 80s to become widely popular nowadays.
Katy Perry, Béyoncé and our favourite enfant terrible Rihanna are often spotted with fronts.

I think it’s sassy, sexy ànd classy if you play it right of course.
And that starts with the golden chops itself.
My grill maker, Sally Dental Stylist, is an absolute pro when it comes to dental jewellery. Even more, she and her team can translate your wildest ideas into a personalized, beautiful piece.
I based my grill design on the famous Fabergé eggs.
You know, the Russian jewelled ‘surprise’ eggs created for the tsars in the 19th century. It seemed the perfect inspiration for a modern grill with diamonds.
Also less blinded out examples are possible. Just search on #sallydentalstylist on Instagram and you see what others like Josje Huisman have come up with.

I suggest if you wear chops, you keep your outfit ultra feminine to create the perfect balancePicture from the Friends With Benefits night at KFW. 

I wonder, are you a grill-wearer?

Posted by Emma