Get into the zone at #mypark with Beyoncé‘s new sportswear line Ivy Park & Zalando FASHION STORY
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Get into the zone at #mypark with Beyoncé‘s new sportswear line Ivy Park & Zalando

Where do you get into the zone and become yourself again?

When I feel physically strong, I become mentally strong.

With challenges coming at us from every direction on a daily basis, it's crucial to incorporate me-time.
Time for yourself to recharge and find the focus you need.
To get in the zone I put my headphones in and start running.
I love the mellowing of my mind with every step I take. 'Cause pushing myself physically to keep going, makes me also stronger mentally.
It creates a safe state of mind where overcoming obstacles become a wonderfully gratifying journey.
It's on the beach, with the majesty of the ocean, that I get into the zone the fastest and where I feel most empowered.
It takes me into a world of inner and outer strength.
It makes me feel myself again.

The new sportswear brand 'Ivy Park' by Beyoncé represents that state of mind. She explains;

Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park.
When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park.
The park became a state of mind.
The park became my strength.
The park made me who I am.

The collection consists of 50 pieces that are all meant to fit like a second skin and are now for sale world wide
Join the movement and I wonder, where's/what's your park?

Posted by Emma